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Kriminelle Intimität/ Criminal Intimacy

Kriminelle Intimität/
Criminal Intimacy

Kriminelle Intimität ist ein theorielastiges, queer-nihilistisches Manifest, welches die Freude und Freundschaft zelebriert die Queers in der Kriminalität finden. Es ist geschrieben von einer Gang krimineller Queers und kommt vermutlich aus derselben Ecke wie Dem queersten Aufstand entgegen.
In der Broschüre ist sowohl der englischsprachige Orginaltext als auch die deutschsprachige Übersetzung abgedruckt. Continue reading Kriminelle Intimität/ Criminal Intimacy

My Edge is anything but straight

My Edge Is Anything But Straight
Towards A Radical Queer Critique Of Intoxication Culture
“I’ve always felt ambivalent towards sXe identity, though, a major reason being that I also identify strongly as queer. It’s not that I think the two identities are necessarily incompatible, but they seem to have an uncomfortable relationship. On the one hand, I haven’t felt much space to be my queer self in most punk/ hardcore scenes, and the hyper-masculine reputation of sXe definitely turns me off. On the other hand, I’ve faced a lot of exclusion within queer scenes for my sobriety. Continue reading My Edge is anything but straight

Dismantling the Boys‘ Club

Dismantling the boy's ClubDismantling the Boy’s Club
This zine is aimed towards men within the anarchist space to explain how patriarchy works and men’s role in maintaining it, both within the anarchist space and in the larger world. There are essays explaining patriarchy, discussing gender, and sexism in the anarchist space. Along with this, there is a helpful list of terminology and definitions, tips for starting a group for men against sexism, and a detailed questionnaire designed to push men towards exploring how patriarchy manifests itself in their lives. It’s one of the better and more recent zines on the topic.